Thrive in Life from Your Highest Vibe

Modern Alchemy Coaching is dedicated to helping you achieve the magic that is only possible with expanded awareness and energetic alignment.

Cut through the muck of life and find beautiful clarity

Breakthrough all that is holding you back from success

Tap into the unlimited possibilities and make greater impact

Get ready to Thrive instead of just coping through life

This is the Place.

I can help you find clarity and live your Best Life!

Hi, I’m Connie!

I have found immense joy and gratitude living my life’s purpose to help others heal, transform, and thrive, who will in turn, impact lives around the world. I am so honored. This work is dedicated to the benefit of all with pure intention.

Like many others, I’ve had countless experiences that continue to shape my life with exhilarating highs and devastating lows, and everything in between. These extremes, together with my background in Reiki, Holistic Coaching, Claires & Mindfulness, allow for a unique perspective while relating to others’ struggles.


Find alignment and allow for optimal energy flow

Gain confidence


relieve stress


feel inner calm


improve sleep


get in touch with your intuition


meet life’s challenges with curiosity of learning

“Connie was amazing and insightful. During our session, she got a download and this was spot on! It helped me to recognize negative patterns within myself and it helped me to approach my job, family, and career. Game Changer!”

– Nancy B.

“Coaching with Connie is a spiritual experience in and of itself. Few masters I have met allow themselves the flow of intuitively healing as they are called to, but Connie does. She allowed me the space to process and come to my own realizations (too numerous to mention), and she also simultaneously supported me by communing with my guides and her own, and, with permission, cleared some blocking energy right in the middle of our session. She is a true medicine woman, Reiki being her expertise. I can’t wait to work with her more. I felt so held, so supported. Thank you, Goddess.”
–Beth P.